1994-1995 Issues

Summer 1994 Volume 1 Issue 1


Development, Validation, and Transfer of Dissolution Methods

Summary of presentation at AAI's seminar on Validation in the Pharmaceutical Analytical Laboratory, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 9, 1994

Multicomponent UV-Visible Analysis in Tablet Dissolution Testing

Stephan Bayerbach Ph.D.

Dissolution — 25 Years

William A. Hanson Ph.D.

Fall 1994 Volume 1 Issue 2


Calibration of Dissolution Rate Apparatuses: A User's Perspective

John W. Skoug Ph.D.

Automated Dissolution Testing - A Breif Overview

Rich Buechsenschuetz and Sharon Correia

Winter 1995 Volume 2 Issue 1


Crosslinking of Gelatin Capsules and Its Relevance To Their In Vitro/In Vivo Performance

A. Digenis, Thomas B. Gold and Vinod P. Shah (abstract)

Techniques for Conducting In Vitro Release Studies on Semisolid Formulations

Michael Corbo, Ph.D.
The R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute

Dissolution Testing of Transdermal Systems

Donald Chaisson
Alza Corporation

Spring 1995 Volume 2 Issue 2


Deaeration Techniques for Dissolution Media

Brian R. Rohrs, Ph.D. and Dennis J. Stelzer
Upjohn Laboratories

Full Spectrum Quantitation: An Advanced UV/Visible Spectroscopic Method for Multicomponent Dissolution Testing

Michael H. Simonian, Ph.D.
Beckman Instruments

August 1995 Volume 2 Issue 3


Dissolution Testing as a Quality Control Tool During Scale-up of Immediate Release Oral, Solid Dosage Forms

Glenn A. Van Buskirk, Ph.D.
Ciba-Geigy Corporation

A Brief Overview on Dissolution Testing of Vitamins, Minerals, & Nutritional Supplements

Marvin Delgado, Royal Hanson, and William Hanson, Ph.D.
Hanson Research Corporation

AAPS/USP Workshop - Dissolution Calibration and Testing

Todd L. Cecil, Ph.D.

November 1995 Volume 2 Issue 4


History of Dissolution Calibration

Thomas A. Morgan
Glaxo Wellcome

In Situ Fiber Optic Dissolution Analysis

Paul K. Aldridge and Leonard J. Kostek
Pfizer Central Research

Industry Perspective on Dissolution Apparatus Calibration

Timothy J. McCormick
The DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company

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