Expanding In Product Development for Logan Instruments Corp. with Balloon Catheter Instrumentation and More

Somerset, NJ—January 17, 2016—Logan Instruments Corp. has diversified its portfolio through the expanding use of their Disso III-7 instrument. This year Logan Instruments Corp. has worked with customers on the development of instrumentation for the characterization and testing of combination products. With vast engineering knowledge, Logan Instruments Corp. has provided customers with Disso III-7 equipment for the evaluation of balloon catheters without the large cost of reinventing a brand new system.

With the advancement in pharmaceutical and medical device technology, Logan Instruments can work hand-in-hand to create instrumentation to help scientists create and test their innovative ideas and products. President of Logan Instruments Corp., Luke Lee, states, “It is our understanding that medical devices that are implanted into the body need to have IVIVC studies to make sure said devices are not harming the body over a period of time. For decades, our company has been in the dissolution and transdermal industry for pharmaceutical products. With that knowledge, we can help the medical device industry by testing their products within the body.”

This idea and instrumentation will strengthen medical device technology and its future.

...In other news, Logan Instruments Corp. is now ISO 9001:2008 certified! We believe in our processes! Give us the opportunity to prove it to you!

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