USP Releases Online Database of Dissolution Methods

Rockville, MD-December 16, 2015—The USP Dissolution Methods Database is now available online. The database contains the test conditions (except Tolerances or Acceptance Criteria) as stated in the sections of the United States Pharmacopeia—National Formulary ( USP-NF) referring to dissolution, disintegration, or drug release tests in the respective USP drug product monograph.

Information in the database will be updated when a new edition of USP-NF, including its supplements, becomes available to the public. This database does not contain information from Revision Bulletins that have not been incorporated in the official text of USP-NF. For that information, please visit our Revision Bulletins webpage.

The database is available as a downloadable Excel file posted and updated on It is searchable and sortable.

The database allows the user to search by:

The USP Dissolution Methods Database is a useful tool to answer questions such as:

For additional information on the USP Dissolution Methods Database, contact Margareth Marques at

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