Logan Instruments Corp. Merges Its Latest Suspension System with USP 4 Testing Methods

April 6, 2016—With the success of the SUS-4000 Suspension System, Logan Instruments Corp. has advanced its design to accommodate USP 4 testing methods within the same system. In operation, the dry heat module stays in the horizontal position for suspension-cell tests. For USP 4 application, the dry heat module is moved to the vertical position, where end users can insert flow-through cells.

With this advancement, Logan Instruments Corp. redesigned the flow-through cell within the USP guidelines. The multilayer "Centiricon" filter design prevents the filter from clogging. Logan Instruments Corp. is excited to introduce this new system to the pharmaceutical industry as there are not a lot of options currently for such instrumentation.

SYSTEM SUS-4000 Automated Suspension Test System Dry Heat Module in the Horizontal Position for Suspension Test Dry Heat Module in the Vertical Position for USP 4 Test

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