Copley Scientific Celebrates Seven Decades of Responsive Service to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Copley Scientific, a family-owned company that began supplying glassware to the UK pharmaceutical industry in 1946, is celebrating the seven decades of success that have led to its current position as the global leader in inhaled product testing equipment.

“Longevity in business is a true mark of success and in our case a direct tribute to all the staff who have dedicated so much of their time and energy to the company, over many years,” said Mark Copley, Sales Director for Copley Scientific. “The loyalty of our team is reflected in the stability of our customer base and a primary reason for our outstanding customer service and application expertise. I’d like to thank everyone who has invested in Copley Scientific over the years—whether as a customer or an employee.”

Meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical industry was a founding focus for the company and remains a key driving force today. Over the decades the changing landscape of that industry has seen Copley add tablet, semisolid, detergent, and inhaler testing equipment to its portfolio, expanding from its UK base to provide products and services across the globe and develop equipment specifically for generic as well as innovator products.

“We may be reflecting on success today, but it is agility and forward thinking that I believe will safeguard our future,” said Mr. Copley. “Our philosophy is closely aligned to the markets we serve, and we constantly innovate to remain cutting-edge and meet evolving needs. To deliver instrumentation with accuracy and reproducibility hard-wired into its design we adopt the same Qualityby- Design principles that our customers rely on, and continuous improvement is a core element of our approach.”

Though still headquartered in Nottingham, UK, where it was founded, Copley has a network of specialist distributors serving growing markets across the world, most notably in the United States, Europe, India, and China, where there is substantial activity in the pharmaceutical industry. Strong ties with the inhaler research community and specialist industry bodies enable the company to respond quickly to changes in testing practice resulting from new research, changes in regulatory thinking, or revisions to the pharmacopoeia monographs.

“The pharmaceutical industry is essential to human advancement, and the progress it has made to research and develop lifechanging drugs over the last seven decades is incredible. We look forward to supporting its endeavours over the next seven, with products that continue our tradition of quality and service at an accessible price,” said Mr. Copley.

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