Agilent Dissolution Systems Digital Source Book Now Available

The Dissolution Systems Source Book has been released in three different formats: printed catalog, PDF, and now an interactive version we are excited to call our Digital Source Book. While the PDF version is identical to our printed catalog, the Digital Source Book offers a wide variety of enhancements and features:

  • Simple navigation, including a hyperlinked Table of Contents with thumbnails
  • Embedded product videos and demonstrations
  • Hyperlinks to brochures and white papers
  • Product-specific ordering information

Simplified Navigation

Our Digital Source Book represents a more streamlined alternative to our printed and PDF catalogs. Over 190 pages have been condensed into 49 slides of interactive content, with an emphasis on delivering the information you need about our products in a more accessible way. Our new Contents page includes convenient thumbnails so you can navigate to any instrument or service visually. We have also included an easy-to-use search box that can be accessed on every page. Content is organized into digital chapters, allowing you to quickly advance through sections, based on your interest.

Embedded Videos

Want to see how a particular instrument or hardware/software feature works? Need to know how to validate filters or convert one of our dissolution apparatus for small-volume dissolution? Want to a watch a quick overview of the Dissolution Discussion Group, dissoGUARD, or Seminar Series, etc.?

One way to see our instruments in action is to schedule a live Labcast HD demo with our team of dissolution experts (using the Contact Us link included on every slide of the Digital Source Book). Another way is to use the new embedded-video links in the Digital Source Book. Videos include segments on everything from individual features to full-length tutorials and demonstrations.

Brochures and White Papers

A variety of product brochures and white papers for our dissolution products can now be accessed directly from the slides of our Electronic Source Book. These resources expand on the content in the Electronic Source Book, providing much greater detail than is available in the printed catalog.

Ordering Information

While the page count has been reduced for the Electronic Source Book, ordering information has not been sacrificed. Context-sensitive ordering information is available throughout the Digital Source Book that will take you directly to the pages in the PDF Source Book applicable to the content you are viewing. We hope you find this new way of interacting with our Source Book both useful and enjoyable. It is available today for viewing on your computer or any mobile device that supports Adobe Flash.

To view the Digital Source Book, visit or contact us at dissolution.