Hanson Research Releases New Phase One™ Disintegration Tester

Hanson’s newest instrument offers precision testing of disintegration rates of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products in an economical, easy-to-use platform.

Los Angeles, CA—November 1, 2016—Hanson Research, well known for its broad line of dissolution-testing and diffusion-testing instruments, announced today it has extended its offerings to include disintegration testing. As the “first phase of dissolution,” disintegration has always been of strong interest to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product manufacturers needing to conform to USP guidelines. The new Phase One tester is intended to address this need in a precise, easy-to-use, cost-effective platform.

In developing the two-beaker system to align with market demands, the core design goal chosen by Hanson was to streamline as far as possible every aspect of the user experience, from receiving and initial assembly, to installation/ operation qualification, operator training, test setup/cleanup, and routine maintenance. Through a modular design in which all components are quickly and easily removed without tools, assembling the tester upon receipt takes less than ten minutes. The unit’s compact footprint requires less than 45 cm of bench space. To reduce time and costs associated with operator training, the Phase One tester provides a single control knob for all functions, coupled to an easy-to-read LCD interface with intuitive, straightforward navigation. Programming a timed test takes less than thirty seconds.

Disintegration test preparation is further speeded and simplified by Hanson’s unique quick-connect basket assembly with snap-in tubes and special tools within the control interface to help operators verify liquid levels inside beakers. For peace of mind regarding USP <701> and <2040> compliance, the Phase One tester embeds into its hardware all critical dimensional requirements and all specifications relating to exact stroke length and cycling frequency of the reciprocating arms.

“Our engineers went to great lengths to develop a precise, easy-to-use, manually operated tester with a very low total cost of ownership,” explained Keith Hamman, President and COO of Hanson Research. “With elegant internal mechanics, a single motor and drive-train system accomplishes all required motions, including automatically raising the baskets out of the beakers at the end of each test.”

The Phase One tester has an auto-switching main power supply and comes with an independently powered programmable heater circulator available in 120VAC/60Hz or 240VAC/50Hz. For further information on the new Phase One Disintegration Tester, including a video presentation, please visit hansonresearch.com/phase-one-disintegrationtester.

About Hanson Research

Hanson Research is a global technology company that specializes in analytical test instruments for the pharmaceutical industry. Founded by the innovator of modern dissolution test technology, Hanson Research helps ensure the world’s pharmaceuticals are pure, safe, and effective by manufacturing equipment that sets the global standard for quality, innovation, and long-term value. Hanson instruments are used by scientists in over 75 countries worldwide and are supported by the industry’s top customer service team. For more information, please visit hansonresearch.com.


Sara Hanson
Hanson Research Corp.