Hanson Research Acquired by Teledyne Instruments

The acquisition of Hanson Research by Teledyne Instruments signals a new era of expanded growth and accelerated innovation in dissolution and diffusion-testing segments.

Los Angeles, CA—December 7, 2016—Hanson Research, an innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of dissolution testing and diffusion testing instruments for the pharmaceutical industry, announced today it has been acquired by Teledyne Instruments, Inc. (“Teledyne”). The move is designed to deepen investments in Hanson’s long-proven line of precision testing instruments, as well as expand resources for further market penetration while accelerating development of new products and services.

Hanson Research, founded in 1951 by Dr. William A. (“Bill”) Hanson, designed and manufactured the world’s first sixvessel dissolution testers in 1969 and the first fully automated dissolution testing system, the Dissograph, in 1975. Widespread adoption of Hanson’s technology along with an extensive support network made Hanson a trusted supplier for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing lab facilities in 75 countries worldwide. In the diffusion-testing line, focused on transdermal drug formulations, Hanson’s innovative vertical diffusion cell, a modified Franz cell, led the way, eventually becoming officially incorporated into the USP as “Apparatus A.” Hanson’s Microette™ automated diffusion testing system was first released in 2000, and an advanced design in 2014.

“Hanson’s acquisition by Teledyne Instruments further consolidates our consistently strong position in both dissolution and diffusion testing markets,” explained Keith Hamman, President of Teledyne Hanson Research. “The highly synergistic relationship between Hanson Research and Teledyne Instruments means our customers can expect the high levels of support we have demonstrated for decades as well as an increased flow of innovative solutions in both product lines.”

Teledyne Technologies is a leading provider of sophisticated instrumentation, digital imaging products and software, aerospace and defense electronics, and engineered systems. The Teledyne Instruments group provides innovative measurement devices to monitor critical manufacturing processes, improve productivity, facilitate energy exploration, and protect the environment.

“Hanson Research’s line of dissolution and diffusion instruments complements Teledyne’s portfolio of laboratory instrumentation businesses, including Teledyne CETAC’s automation systems, Teledyne Tekmar’s sample preparation instruments, and Teledyne Isco’s chromatography products,” said Robert Mehrabian, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Teledyne. “Furthermore, Hanson Research will strengthen Teledyne’s relationships with global life sciences and pharmaceutical companies.” For further information from Teledyne Technologies about the acquisition, please visit http://www.investquest.com/iq/t/tdy/ne/news/tdy120616.htm.

About Hanson Research

Hanson Research specializes in the design and manufacturing of analytical test instruments for the pharmaceutical industry. Founded by Bill Hanson, the innovator of modern dissolution test technology, Hanson Research helps ensure the world’s pharmaceuticals are pure, safe, and effective by manufacturing testing equipment that sets the global standard for quality, innovation, and long-term value. Hanson instruments are used by scientists in over 75 countries and are supported by the industry’s top customer service team. For further information, please visit hansonresearch.com.


Sara Hanson
Hanson Research Corp.