Agilent Online UV Dissolution Software Updates

Agilent’s Cary 60 and Cary 8454 UV-vis spectrophotometers are ideal for online UV dissolution systems. Easily pair a 708- DS Dissolution Apparatus with either spectrophotometer for a single-source UV dissolution testing solution. Multicell or fiber-optic-based systems are available, each providing specific benefits depending on the end-user environment. Both the Cary WinUV and UV-ChemStation software platforms have been updated to strengthen these automated testing solutions.

Cary WinUV Dissolution Software—for use with Cary 60 UV-vis spectrophotometer:

  • Supports 708-DS Dissolution Apparatus in single or dual-system configurations
  • Utilizes either a peristaltic pump or 850-DS Sampling Station for multicell systems
  • In situ sampling using fiber-optic technology is also available
  • Now supported using Windows 10 operating system
  • Advanced 850-DS features added included automated system cleaning

UV-ChemStation Software—for use with Cary 8454 UV-vis spectrophotometer:

  • Supports 708-DS Dissolution Apparatus in single or multi-bath system configurations
  • Utilizes a peristaltic pump for multicell or valve-based systems
  • Now validated for Windows 10 operating system with enhanced compliance software
  • NEW! Supports configuration using 850-DS Sampling Station
  • Advanced filtration capabilities using 0.45- or 0.2-micron pore sizes
  • Online UV-vis analysis plus sample collection for archival or offline LC analysis
  • Automated cleaning of system with no user intervention

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