Pion Inc.'s Addition of UK's Sirius Analytical Instruments Forms One of World's Most Comprehensive IVPD Companies

Will Expand on Pion's Global Leadership Position in Analytical Instrumentation and Build Opportunities in Large Molecule Space

BILLERICA, Mass., July 10, 2017Pion Inc., an industry leader in analytical instrumentation for drug development in the pharmaceutical industry, will deliver accelerated support to customers and distributors in the U.S. and European markets as a result of its recent addition of the UK's Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd. The transaction builds on Pion's position as one of the world's most comprehensive IVPD (in vivo predictive dissolution) companies.

Pion President Mike Kelly noted that the combination will create a highly differentiated instrumentation company. Pion will be strategically situated to leverage synergies that include new technologies. These technologies will enable Pion to expand its presence globally in the small-molecule instrumentation market and advance in large-molecule market.

"The acquisition is an ideal fit," Kelly said. "The addition of Sirius builds on our combined years of field-relevant research chemistry and enhances our global support organization."

Kelly said the companies possess complementary and highly customer-centric corporate cultures. "Now we'll have a consolidated support team in the U.S. and Europe, which should be very attractive to multinational customers, who can access a larger network."

He noted that Sirius will continue to operate from the existing UK office, while its facilities in Beverly, Mass., are consolidating at Pion's existing headquarters in Billerica, Mass.

"Merging Sirius with Pion gives us the best of both worlds," Pion VP of Global Strategy and Compliance Scott Stephenson said. "We are both innovators in the solubility, dissolution, and physicochemical fields. In fact, Pion is recognized as the industry leader in flux-based dissolution technology."

Stephenson added: "We will optimize the best of our shared intellectual property in our software and instrumentation. We have the most extensive toolkit of pKa services and equipment. We will pursue every opportunity to incorporate our collective software features and forge further benefits."

About Pion Inc.

Pion Inc.'s Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitoring®ister; system is the gold standard for fiber optic dissolution testing and solubility monitoring. Pion also provides key instrumentation and components for flux measurement and ionization characterization. In addition to its instrumentation, Pion offers a wide array of laboratory services on HPLC, GC, dissolution, and physical testing equipment. Sirius Analytical Instruments, now part of Pion, has designed, manufactured, serviced, and supplied analytical instrumentation for the pharmaceutical industry. The Sirius instrument range provides accurate and reliable values for pKa, log P, log D, solubility, and dissolution of small molecules, as well as simulating in vivo performance of subcutaneously injected small-molecule and biological drugs with the Sirius Scissor. Sirius and Pion provide analytical services for high-quality CRO work used by clients worldwide.

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