Reflecting on an Excellent Last Quarter and Looking Ahead to 2018

Logan Instruments saw 2017 close with a string of exciting opportunities and developments. In the middle of November, their biggest and most anticipated annual show (AAPS) was a huge success. With an expanded booth, they were able to showcase four instruments that kept the booth buzzing for three days. With the size and scope of this event, a wide range of pharmaceutical professionals, including representatives from the FDA and USP, were present.

Around two years ago, Logan Instruments started to design a new system. This new LOGAN SYSTEM 918 has not only a heater block for the cells, but heated donor cells as well. This newly designed system keeps a desired temperature uniform throughout the system. In regards to the temperature of each cell at the membrane layer, each cell will come with its own temperature display. This exclusive and revolutionary design in the industry is available only at Logan Instruments and is patent pending.

Such systems meet a number of the requirements the previously mentioned FDA and USP representatives inquired about regarding transdermal systems achieving real-time temperature readings for each individual cell on the membrane’s surface area. Logan Instruments was already one step ahead. They had already completed a system with this functionality, which is on the market.

Following up on last quarter’s announcement of Logan’s Cultured Skin Launch, the company is pleased to announce that it is now taking orders for the product. Their engineering team has even taken an extra step to help the end user with this product. With the purchase of the 4.2 cm2 kit, the donor will come with a membrane already in place, so the person handling these sensitive tissues need not worry about affecting the sensitive skin membrane. For orders and/or questions, please contact

Logan also would like to announce that it has one more piece of instrumentation that will soon be available for purchase as part of its product line. It is a flow-through system with 32 positions that can be collected into glass tubes or HPLC vials or on a 96-position well plate.

As always, Logan Instruments never rests on its achievements, but rather consistently looks for the next move in providing QUALITY and SERVICE to its customers. Logan is proud of what they accomplished in 2017, but is excited for what they are confident will be an even better year in 2018.

About Logan Instruments:

Logan Instruments’ products have been used for over two decades by top pharmaceutical companies on five continents. Since its founding in 1990, it has grown into a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of products for dissolution, diffusion, and physical testing of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Its innovative products range from basic, manual systems to fully automated instrumentation for USP apparatus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 automated transdermal diffusion cell systems and physical testers. Logan’s business is built on assuring you quality, innovation, and service.

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