IDIS software makes it easy to comply with USP Acceptance and Prednisone PVT Testing

New acceptance criteria functionality in IDIS allows users to configure rules and limits for USP Acceptance Tables A, B, S, and L. As tests are performed, using unique tracking and scheduling, data from different runs can be automatically combined and checked against set limits. If the first test fails, further tests are automatically rescheduled until the Lot in question passes or finally fails the configured USP Acceptance rule.

Prednisone performance verification test (PVT) methods can be configured for calibrating the dissolution baths according to the prednisone certificate limits. Tests for baths having 6, 7, or 8 samples, single or dual stage, and 12 or 14 samples can be performed for the appropriate prednisone batch.

For the bath calibration, dissolution results are automatically checked against certification limits. If the calibration fails, further tests are automatically scheduled until the bath passes or finally fails the prednisone calibration test.

Results are displayed and are readily available in real time, so there is no need to manually export dissolution values into other software packages like Excel.

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We provide highly configurable automated systems for Dissolution and Content Uniformity testing of solid dosage forms in pharmaceutical analysis using instruments from different manufacturers. These systems can be stand alone or networked using Oracle and or MySQL databases.


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