Dissolution Compliance with Agilent Workstation Software for Windows 10 is Ready

The Agilent Dissolution Workstation Software version A.01.05 is available as your compliant solution for Windows 10 environments. This software powers the traditional USP apparatus 1/2/3/5/6/7 instruments from Agilent as well as the 400-DS small volume apparatus 7 and 280-DS mechanical qualification system (MQS). Each of the three variations include method and configuration details specific to the instrumentation, while providing a common platform for version control, audit trails, user privileges, and data organization.

In addition to Windows 10 compatibility, individual enhancements have been added for improved behavior and regulatory updates. These enhancements include:

Dissolution Workstation Software: For use with USP 1/2/5/6 (708-DS), USP 3/7 (Bio-Dis, App 7); with or without 850- DS Sampling Station

  • Links to individual certificates of conformance for accessories
  • Expanded report filtering criteria
  • Remote start capability for 708-DS
  • Sample timing integrity check
  • Accommodation for manual 708-DS systems (e.g., no 850-DS)

400-DS Workstation Software: For use with 400-DS small volume USP Apparatus 7

  • System calibration at three different temperatures
  • Ability to add automated, independent system clean to end of each test
  • Configure different temperatures at each time point

280-DS Workstation Software: For use with 280-DS MQS

  • Expanded preloaded methods available
  • Custom vessel orientation for additional dissolution apparatus models
  • Added sequence according to chinese pharmacopeia mechanical qualification (MQ) parameters

Organize and secure your dissolution environment with workstation software that best fits your daily workflow. Contact your Agilent representative for more information about Dissolution Workstation software. You can also send a message to Agilent’s experts at dissolution.hotline@agilent.com to request a personal demonstration of the software and any associated dissolution products.