Vinod P. Shah, Ph.D. Recognized by AAPS for Global Leadership

Award honoree has made significant contributions to international global health

ARLINGTON, VA (October 23) - It is with great pleasure that the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists announces our Global Leader award honoree, Vinod P. Shah, Ph.D., of VPS Consulting, LLC. and formerly with the US Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Shah has made significant and long-lasting research contributions to the pharmaceutical sciences field working in regulatory, standards-setting, and academic communities both in the United States and globally. His 30- year tenure at the FDA and his subsequent work as a volunteer for many professional societies, including AAPS, FIP, USP, and SPDS resulted in a lifetime of notable achievements and awards. He is the author/co-author of more than 300 scientific publications and co-editor of four books and a theme issue of the AAPS Journal.

From conducting workshops and conferences in the areas of bioequivalence and dissolution throughout the world to being a key organizer and thought leader, Dr. Shah has conclusively demonstrated his vision, passion, and commitment to advancing treatments and cures that improve the quality of life for all global citizens.

“Dr. Shah’s leadership and efforts in organizing and conducting international workshops have had a significant and a broad impact in the availability of high quality drug products, and benefit to patient’s in needed therapies internationally. He has improved the quality of drug products worldwide by investing significant amounts of time and effort in making regulatory workshops available throughout the world. His tireless efforts have garnered good will for AAPS and FIP globally and have improved drug product quality, which has benefitted patients throughout the world” stressed nominator and AAPS Founder Leslie Z. Benet, Ph.D.

The AAPS Global Leader Award recognizes a leader working in pharmaceutical science, technology, engineering, or education whose contributions to the pharmaceutical sciences community have resulted in an outstanding positive impact on education and/or public health. AAPS recognizes these leaders both as a means to support their work, and to encourage pharmaceutical scientists around the world to keep driving toward treatments and cures that improve life for all global citizens.

Many countries face severe challenges in meeting the healthcare needs of the weakest members of their citizenry, but have limited, or even no, funding or capability to conduct pharmaceutical research. AAPS is pleased to recognize Dr. Shah as a scientist who has the vision, passion, and commitment to advance the development of drugs and therapies that assist in addressing today’s global health challenges.

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