The 400-DS Just Got Even Better

The 400-DS, a modified but compendial Apparatus 7, was initially developed to test drug-eluting stents under accelerated conditions. It has been used to test many other products that require ultralow volumes in the 5-10 mL range. To maintain sample integrity with these ultralow volumes, the 400-DS offers full control over evaporative losses.

The unique design of the 400-DS combines a 13-position apparatus with a built-in autosampler. Many of the products tested on this instrument have lengthy test cycles (days, weeks, or even months). For that reason, the unit is a sealed system to minimize evaporative loss - even with the use of solvents. A multiport valve allows the use of up to five different media in a single test. At designated intervals, either a full or partial media change can be performed. This flexibility allows the total volume of media used to be greater than the cell size. The release profile is based on the cumulative amount released in each interval. An extra benefit is the capability to run test at elevated temperatures of up to 55 °C.

Because the 400-DS is often used with solvents, we have added extra hardware and software features to ensure safe liquid handling. The 400-DS now allows the use of up to 100% of select solvents to be used as media. Added benefits of these improvements include better leak detection and handling and as well as ventilation in the instrument.

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