USP Offers Dissolution Track for the New Certificate of Pharmacopeial Quality Assessment

Available for the first time, the new USP Certificate of Pharmacopeial Quality Assessment offers a comprehensive online program that highlights knowledge and skills necessary for quality assessment professionals to be successful in their function.

Designed and taught by the same experts who help establish the USP-NF standards, the USP certificate program has three tracks each with eight courses. The courses were carefully selected to provide a long lasting theoretical foundation and feature practical applications that participants can immediately apply to their current work.

Of note, the Dissolution Track focuses on how and when to apply USP dissolution standards on drug products. Highlights of this track include how to appropriately evaluate the appropriate testing procedure and apparatus related to the USP-NF; how to use USP standards to set up, calibrate and qualify the apparatuses; and how to determine if the product tested meets the appropriate acceptance criteria and perform system suitability tests to verify that equipment or systems are adequate for an analysis.

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