Driving Prediction Forward: SOTAX Announces Partnership with Triskelion for In-vivo Predictive Dissolution Testing

Regulatory support continues to grow for a biorelevent dissolution test that better represents in-vivo performance. In order to support this initiative, SOTAX and Triskelion have signed a partnership agreement whereby SOTAX will be the sales and service provider for Triskeli-on’s unparalleled TIM gastrointestinal simulation technology in the Americas.

Over the last 25 years, Triskelion’s core technology, TIM, has led the way in the realistic simulation of the gastrointestinal (GI) processes. TIM is a computer-controlled model that realistically simulates the in-vivo process. In contrast to static digestion models and methods, TIM is a dynamic GI simulation. Because of this, it is highly predictive, and it is considered the most advanced digestion model.

SOTAX has strong roots in in-vivo/in-vitro correlation. The large Americas network of service engineers and certified SOTAX partners will assist TIM users throughout the instrumentation life cycle - from analytical services to on-site installation, qualification, training, preventive maintenance, and uncomplicated troubleshooting support.

TIM users report a significant decrease in the need for animal studies, successfully shortening time-to-market, and better support for their validation of clinical outcomes. The combination of leading Triskelion GI simulation and the established SOTAX support network will allow pharmaceutical companies to efficiently work towards the replacement of human bioequivalence/bioavailability studies resulting in streamlined research, greatly benefiting pharmaceutical R & D groups and, ultimately, patients.

SOTAX Contact:
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Contact Triskelion:
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Phone: +31 88 866 2800
Email: info@triskelion.nl
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