Logan New Economical Transdermal Diffusion Cell Drive Consoles

We are proud to announce a new addition to our transdermal diffusion cell testers family - the Logan “E” series - Economical Transdermal Diffusion Cell Drive Consoles.

Logan” E” series offers simplicity in design with very affordable prices.

Unlike the other members in the water-jacketed transdermal diffusion cell consoles, the “E” come with built-in heater circulators and water holding tank. The E series not only deliver repeatable data for scientists and yet are user friendly and easy to maintain. Each model features two-zones rotation. Stirring speed for all E series models exceed 600 ± 10% rpm recommended by USP General Chapter <1724>. With a very efficient heater/circulator, 5 minutes is all it takes to bring the console from room temperature to 32 °C.

LOGAN E series transdermal diffusion cell drive consoles features four models, pictured below.

These consoles are ideal to test semi-solid dosage form, transdermal patches, topical products to perform IVPT or IVRT.