DT 950 - ERWEKAs First digital Dissolution Tester

ERWEKA GmbH is proud to ann ounce the release of its first digital Dissolution Tester - the ERWEKA DT 950 series. Equipped with groundbreaking embedded PC technology, a 7" touch display with advanced, easy to use interface, the intelligent TestAssist for simple error-proof testing and an unprecedented upgradeability, the DT 950 series with 6, 7, or 8 test stations, is ready for the requirements of today and for the challenges of the future.

The Embedded PC Technology Inside DT 950 Series

The DT 950 is driven by an embedded PC with an ARM quad-core processor directly integrated into the 7" touch display. The Linux-based ERWEKA software is completely developed in-house, perfectly complementing more than 50 years of dissolution hardware experience. Using the latest software programming enabled us to develop completely new functions that make dissolution testing even easier. With this new digital technology, the DT 950 is your long-term partner for dissolution testing. The software is constantly evolving, offering new features so that the equipment can adapt to changing requirements of the future.

In addition to the modern touch interface, the digital embedded PC in the DT 950 series also enables other functions, such as convenient printing to network printers or the extensive multilanguage support with more than 5 languages from day one, more to come. The digital DT 950 Series is ready for today‘s tasks - and the challenges of the future.

The Modern User Interface - Gateway to the Technology of DT 950

The touch interface of the DT 950 series focuses the user on the most important task to be performed with the DT 950: dissolution testing. The central part is the new TestAssist, an intelligent assistant with real-time feasibility checks that provide support and guarantees the conformity of the entered parameters according to USP/EP/JP. Dissolution testing thus becomes simple and safe, in three simple steps.

The new ERWEKA user interface offers even more: The DirectHelp feature with its small question mark icon is implemented throughout the ERWEKA DT 950 software, giving guidance and help at any time. And thanks to the great multi-language support, the DirectHelp feature is fully translated into 5+ languages already built in to the software. Furthermore, the new Service Menu enables quick access to important device information such as serial number and software version and can control hardware functions of the DT 950, making servicing of the DT 950 as easy as ever.

Unlimited Upgradeability with the DT 950 Series

The DT 950 can be upgraded throughout its complete product life cycle - from 6 to 7 or 8 test stations, with an automatic tablet drop or automatic sampling station. The new design and high degree of modularity means that, for example, a 6-station stand-alone DT 956 can be easily transformed into the heart of a complete Dissolution HPLC On-/Offline system with 8 test stations and Disso.NET 4 software by your local service technician. This means that the DT 950 remains flexible throughout its entire instrument cycle, because who knows now what challenges we will be facing in a few years?

Technical Excellence and USP/EP Conform

The DT 950 continues its predecessor’s tradition of 100% USP/EP conformity. Our customers can fully rely on the excellent build quality of the DT 950 and use our new dissolution tester for testing of the USP apparatus 1, 2, 5, and 6. Testing can be done with an RPM range of 20 to 250 rpm either in low-head or high-head mode and with vessel volumes of 400, 1000, and 2000 mL.

Downloads and Online Demos

To find out more about our DT 950 series, visit us at www.erweka.com or contact us at sales@erweka.com for a live online demo of our new flagship dissolution tester.