Pharma Test Announces Improved PT-DDS4 Media Preparation and Degassing System

Germany, Hainburg, July 2021 — Pharma Test announces an improved PT-DDS4 Media Preparation and Degassing System with an optimized tank and pipe outlet with bigger wheels for better daily handling.

The optimized PT-DDS4 features a new tank design with a sloping instead of a flat bottom to simplify emptying the device for cleaning without leaving any residues in the tank. For this same reason, the pipe outlet is now longer und curved. With the new tank, the system deaerates and heats the medium faster and can hold enough for at least two 12-position dissolution testing instruments. The PT-DDS4 now also includes bigger and more sturdy wheels to move the instrument from one working space to the next - no matter what the floor condition may be.

The optimized PT-DDS4 that quickly deaerates and heats a good amount of medium

The new tank of the PT-DDS4 with an optimized bottom and pipe outlet for easy emptying without residues

Media degassing or deaeration is essential for a successful tablet dissolution test. It prevents the formation of bubbles due to dissolved air in the dissolution medium on the dosage form which can affect the dissolution test results (USP <1092> and Effects of Deaeration Methods on Dissolution Testing in Aqueous Media; Gao et al. J Pharm Sci. 2006, 95, 1606-1613). Media deaeration is required by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) when dosage forms are sensitive to air bubbles. It has been shown that degassing systems working with the vacuum pump principle such as the Pharma Test PT-DDS4 give the highest benefits.

The PT-DDS4 is also the only media preparation instrument with standard gravimetric dosing for precise filling volumes at any working temperature - which is the preferred measurement by the USP for the Procedure for Mechanical Calibration and Performance Verification: “A more accurate and temperature independent measure of the medium volume is through weight.”