Clearview Pharma Solutions announces two types of consulting services for drug development

San Bruno, California — Clearview Pharma Solutions LLC (, a pharma/biotech consulting company for drug development announces that is offering two types of retainer services: “Pay for Work” and “Access” Retainer.

The pharmaceutical industry is a fast-paced environment. When a challenge arises that demands a deeper level of expertise than what you currently have on staff, you want to have access to an expert right away. This allows you to keep your overhead low while being able to handle uniquely complex situations as you meet them head-on.

We offer consulting on full cycle of drug development:

  • Preformulation
  • Formulation
  • Analytical development and validation
  • Strategic long-term plan for formulation development
  • Regulatory filing
  • Due diligence and Innovation

What differentiates us from the competitor is the strong physical organic/bio-organic expertise of Founder, Dr. Andrei Blasko (evidenced by 90+ publications and patents). A high level of expertise is key to a successful drug development process. Many instabilities and/or delivery problems can be attributed to the physicochemical properties of the active ingredient and excipients and most of the time, to the impurities in excipients.

The choice of consulting retainer depends whether the client has an ongoing project with defined deliverables (“Pay for Work” Retainer) or needs to solve unforeseen problems on an ongoing basis (“Access” Retainer). Learn more about the two types of consulting retainers that Clearview Pharma Solutions LLC offers at

“By having somebody like myself on retainer, you have the peace of mind that any time something comes up you can count on me. My responses will be timely to keep your project on track. You can rest assured knowing that I am your adviser, that I am on your side, and that I will consistently support your business and help you with any of the challenges that might come up.” - Andrei Blasko, PhD, FRSC, Founder of Clearview Pharma Solutions.

“The value I deliver is far greater than the investment you are making to pay for my retainer. The monthly fee for Access retainer could prove to deliver a 5x return with significant development time reduction. If this is something that interests you, I welcome a phone conversation at your convenience.”

Andrei Blasko, PhD, FRSC
Clearview Pharma Solutions LLC