American Pharmaceutical Review, a Division of CompareNetworks, Inc. Acquires Tablets & Capsules Magazine from CSC Publishing

CompareNetworks, Inc. (, a leading provider of online B2B marketplaces for the scientific and healthcare industries, announced the asset acquisition of Tablets & Capsules (T&C) magazine, a former CSC Publishing publication.

T&C will join American Pharmaceutical Review (APR) in the CompareNetworks’ Pharmaceutical Development Group. “The acquisition of Tablets & Capsules marks a strategic effort to bolster content offerings, readership, and overall scope of our publication,” said Paul Gatti, CEO of CompareNetworks.

“Due to the complementary readership profiles of APR and Tablets & Capsules, we are confident that this venture will yield a mutually informative and beneficial experience for all readers,” said Laura Rice, publisher of APR. “By adding more content on solid dosage technologies to APR’s industry-leading coverage of pharmaceutical R&D, QC/QA, and the fast-growing biopharmaceutical market, readers will enjoy an expanded view of the entire product development, testing, and manufacturing process.”

As part of the asset acquisition, APR will be expanding the digital portfolio of T&C via the addition of eBooks, online product listings, webinars, and eNewsletters. “The addition of these resources will provide pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers a broader range of information to effectively bring products to market,” said Rice. “The expansion of these digital vehicles will also enable equipment and service providers to reach a larger audience than before as the circulations of both publications will be combined, resulting in more marketing opportunities for current and future advertisers.”

"Tablets & Capsules magazine has served the solid dosage segment of the pharmaceutical industry for many years, and we’re excited to continue to provide relevant and timely information to the same audience and communities,” said Paul Gatti, CEO of CompareNetworks.

Tablets & Capsules

Tablets & Capsules ( provides practical information about the formulation, production, and packaging of solid dosage forms, including powders, gums, and films. Technical articles focus on the materials, processes, and equipment used to make solid dosage forms. The articles examine what’s new, offer troubleshooting advice, discuss equipment selection, provide formulation guidance, and show how companies have resolved their process problems. T&C’s readers take part in every activity related to solid dosage forms, from R&D and product development to commercial manufacture and quality assurance.

American Pharmaceutical Review

American Pharmaceutical Review ( is a leading journal for business and technology in the pharmaceutical industry. Offering unbiased editorial on drug delivery, information technology, research & development, analytical development and control, equipment and facility manufacturing and regulatory affairs, American Pharmaceutical Review keeps its users fully abreast of the latest trends and developments in the process of pharmaceutical manufacturing.