Logan UDT-1500 Universal Dissolution Tester

Logan Instruments Corp. is pleased to introduce the UDT-1500 Automated Dissolution Tester (pictured below), the newest apparatus for dissolution testing required by USP. This 15-vessel dissolution tester is designed for easy operation by running one or two methods on a single unit. With 15 active spindles, users can run two different tests with 6 vessels plus 1 standard vessel or 12 vessels and 2 standard vessels. The 15th vessel can be used for blank, standard, or media replacement, unlike any 12- or 14-position tester.

Save bench space - The new three-by-five vessel design was created to save bench space. Serial numbers are standard on all USP specified components, along with a built-in storage compartment designed to store parts not currently being used.

More accurate results - Programmable sampling positions are designed to lower the probes depending on the volume of media. Paddle and basket heights are set electronically per USP requirements. The newly designed spindle housing works with shortened stirring shafts to minimize wobble for more accurate results. The new motor drive isolation system prevents vibration during testing. The self-speed and temperature calibration design verifies all samples dissolve at the correct speed at the same temperature.

Automated or manual - Several options are available including an automated sampling manifold to automate the instrument with other systems, such as sample collection and online UV or HPLC sampling systems. For audit trials, the system includes password protection or a fingerprint scanner feature that secures the test methods and helps avoid user errors. For tablet dropping, all samples can be pre-loaded on a tablet dropping tray and dropped into all vessels simultaneously. The tablet dropping tray can also be divided into two separate trays for different time-point testing. For manual sampling, syringes can be mounted on the side of the unit to pull the samples simultaneously. The internal printer records the test method (time, speed, temperature, etc) during the test for complete hard copy documentation. Electronic reports are available by accessing the USB port. Remote monitoring on a mobile device is available as an option.

UDT-1500 performances exceed the requirements of USP, BP, EP and JP. The UDT-1500 is constructed with high quality metal and is fully CFR 21 part 11 compliant that fully meets GLP/GMP requirements. For more information contact info@loganinstruments.com.