Simulations Plus Launches New Integrated Pulmonary Software and Services Package to Streamline Drug Development and Improve Patient Outcomes

Lancaster, CA — Simulations Plus, Inc. (Nasdaq: SLP), a leading provider of modeling and simulation software and services for pharmaceutical safety and efficacy, announced the release of a new integrated pulmonary software and services package. This targeted package will support pharmaceutical companies by streamlining their pulmonary drug development processes, enabling them to make better-informed decisions and bring therapies to market faster.

The pulmonary package offered by Simulations Plus is founded on the industry leading GastroPlus® modeling and simulation platform, which can be used to predict localized exposure in the lungs. That localized exposure data is then utilized to inform the ILDsym™ or IPFsym™ platforms for efficacy predictions. As our client ventures launch and progress, Simulations Plus scientists will leverage their 40+ years of combined experience in pulmonary exposure and efficacy modeling to train in-house client experts on how to use the software and create models to accurately predict the exposure and efficacy of their pulmonary assets.

“Developing molecules intended to treat interstitial lung disease (ILD) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a daunting challenge; they are serious conditions with no known cures,” explained Dr. Brett A. Howell, President of the DILIsym Services division at Simulations Plus. “We anticipate that the use of our targeted pulmonary package could lead to an acceleration in the development of treatments to slow or even halt progression of these diseases. By integrating the industry-leading platforms for PBPK/PCAT™, quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP), and the expertise of our scientists, along with the training of in-house scientists, we believe we can help our clients develop therapies that will improve and even extend the lives of patients worldwide.”

“Hiring and retaining skilled modelers is difficult, which is why many companies develop talent from within,” noted Vice President of Business Development Josh Fohey. “While we are always pleased to assist with our clients’ drug development programs as an extension of their team, we also want to empower them to engage with their models and data beyond what is typical with consulting relationships. As part of our Pulmonary Package, client teams benefit from a customized learning package using the tools in their program, implemented with support and guidance from our experts. Together, we can better understand lung absorption and efficacy and find new treatments for respiratory disease.”

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