Copley Launches a New Blog for the Pharmaceutical Testing Community

Building a ‘go to’ resource for reliable, educational material.

Nottingham, UK: Copley Scientific has launched a blog with the aim of building a trusted, educational resource for anyone involved with pharmaceutical testing. Via regular posts from company experts, the blog will cover testing for all types of pharmaceutical products: tablets and capsules, transdermals, semisolids, suppositories and, of course, orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDP), a field in which Copley leads the world. The move reflects the company’s commitment to exemplary customer support and builds on an established track record of high-quality publications such as the renowned Inhaler Testing brochure. Register now ( to receive regular updates from the start.

“We’re excited about the blog,” says Jamie Clayton, Managing Director, “and we hope that it will prove valuable. Our goal is to provide informative content in key areas in a digestible format. Each blog will take just a few minutes to read but will hopefully provide something novel and interesting, whatever your current level of expertise. We’re especially keen to set down some of the basics to help those that are new to pharmaceutical testing since it can be difficult to find clear, informative, and reliable material. We hope to make it easier.”

The first blog is already live and new posts will be added on a regular basis. There will be planned themes such as dissolution testing and cascade impaction but also ad hoc posts from conferences, for example, or triggered by changes in regulatory practice. Sharing the knowledge that resides within the company to help readers enhance testing practices is the overarching aim.

“The blog provides us with a flexible communication channel,” says Clayton “that we can use to speak to customers in the same way we would at say a one-to-one training session. As we progress you can expect Q&As and top tips alongside core, evergreen pieces on the fundamentals of testing. We’ll also be putting the spotlight on successes in the community, notably advances in the flourishing OINDP arena, and responding to issues that are concerning or challenging people. We hope you’ll find the blog a good read and join us regularly.”

Introducing the voices of the Copley blog: Jamie Clayton (Managing Director), Matthew Fenn (Head of Business Development), Clair Brooks (Applications Specialist), Ben Bradley (Head of Product Development)and, , Imran Haneef (Business Development Manager).