Logan Instruments Introduces the Electronic Performance Validation Testing Toolset “EPVT-1200 system”

Logan Instruments has developed the “EPVT-1200 system” for USP apparatus 1 and 2 Performance Validation Tests, aimed at revolutionizing the validation process of dissolution testers. This innovative digital toolset performs and records dissolution validation performance electronically, thereby eliminating the uncertainties associated with manual recording methods.

This cutting-edge validation toolset seamlessly conducts a comprehensive array of validations, including temperature, speed, shaft/paddle/basket wobbles, shaft/vessel centering, shaft/vessel verticality, and height adjustment.

The report is conveniently displayed on the PC screen, enabling immediate analysis. The options to record data directly onto the hard drive and print reports are also available. The results can be transferred to the Logan dissolution testers for spot-checking. With the implementation of this advanced toolset, the need for manual transfer of data is eliminated, ensuring compliance with FDA CFR 21 part 11 regulations.

For more information, please contact infoDT@loganinstruments.com.