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Poorly Soluble Drugs Details

This book is the first text to provide a comprehensive assessment of the application of fundamental principles of dissolution and drug release testing to poorly soluble compounds and formulations. Such drug products are, vis-á-vis their physical and chemical properties, inherently incompatible with aqueous dissolution.

$249.95 ($275)

Dissolution Technologies Questions and Answers Details

Dissolution Testing is an evolving procedure with many challenges. This book contains the Question and Answers Section in fifteen years of the Dissolution Technologies publication. The authors of the answers to questions are USP and other experts in the field. The book is arranged according to dissolution topics. It is a resourceful guide to common concerns in the Dissolution Testing Laboratory.

$50 ($70)

Dissolution Theory, Methodology and Testing Details

Dissolution as a science has matured over the last four decades. This text is the first to include all aspects of dissolution -- theory, methodology and testing. Written by leading experts from academia, industry and governmental bodies, it presents a balanced approach on all three areas. Extensively referenced it is a definitive work on the topic, important to all pharmaceutical formulators and scientists. It is useful both as a reference for experienced scientists and as a primer for those just starting in the science of dissolution.

$175 ($195)

Third Editon of the Handbook of Dissolution Testing Details

Well over a decade has passed since the Second Edition of the Handbook of Dissolution Testing as published. In that time, growth in automation, validation, special dosage forms, and internation harmonization have significantly altered every aspect of dissolution testing. This new Third Edition expands on the fundamental teachings of the first two, providing regulatory agencies, educational institutions, and manufacturing labs in every corner of the globe the new information necessary to inprove pharmaceutical quality.

$160 ($180)